I’m being EURO-VISIONED… A man works a tough day ON THE WEEKEND and comes home to THIS!!! Rumanian pop starlets robot walking themselves to douze points… HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I can feel my brain dribbling into my underwear as it melts my sense of good taste!

I assume you’re being forced to watch this against your will… if so, say something like “I’m just going to make a cup of tea” make a sharp exit and go out on your bike for a couple of hours… then come back , as if you’ve only been gone a couple of minutes, and sit down in front of your tv to drink your tea…

I feel your frustration, i have to endure all the reality tv BS week in week out.

For gods sake man. Stand up for yourself. Act as a responsible adult.

Just roll over and die with the rest of us in this situation.

I would but, (i would like to watch for instance ‘fall guy’, air wolf’, ‘hill street blues’ and or Fred Dib-Dab) am fired at with thoughts of divorce and to be honest, i like my money and estate just where it is!

easy answer just get drunk like i did it’s much better:P

Euro vision gets better at around 10ish, when wogan has had a skinful of ale and starts slurring his speech and telling it like it is… “another useless act from a random country up next… i dont know why we bother…” :smiley:

I quite like eurovision, its so random its frightening…

speaking of good tv when does top gear start again?

eurovision is so bad it’s good


Terry has just started telling it like it is…


I’m happy to admit ive been watching it!:smiley:

I am onto my second bottle of wine though and im sluuuuring as much as terry!

Loving his “the balkans like to keep it in the family” comment…

Chenster, youre right, its so **** its good! :slight_smile:

Greece or Russia I think… all shite really though!

Snap. :smiley:

Pissed as a fart laughing at the Euro Plonkers desperately stuggling to work with satellite technology, time delays, multiple cameras, multiple presenters, and NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING :slight_smile:

MORE LAGER! :slight_smile:

My wife is keeping score and calling her best mate in Bristol every 5 minutes to say things like… What, Russia, they were awful, and her make up was soooo bad…

Can anyone tell me why all these Euro bimbos slathered in orange make-up sound liek they’re trying to impersonate Septics?

i’d allow most of them ‘euro bimbos’ to integrate me fully into the whole eurovision experience any day of the week:P:P:P

Mmmm, when I told my wife that if I wasn’t married the Armenian minx could have a go on persuading this Brit to join Europe I was banished to the kitchen… :slight_smile:

S’ok, the beer was in the kitchen :slight_smile:


brave man

Holy Cow - Surely Montenegro could have found a more attractive representative??

I’m not going there on holiday anytime soon!

I love the political voting…:smiley:

the singing dustman’s song was rubbish…


i’ll get my coat…

oh no…

while i was sat here cringing at the voting on eurovision i was missing the kath and kim movie…

those 2 ozzie birds are hilarious…

Firstly, never get wife and kids

Secondly, don’t buy tv

All problems sorted :slight_smile:

u.k. in last place !!! Man you got to love it!!!:hehe:

Feel sorry for the guy though!!