Help Me Out...!

I want to sell my R6…

I want to get a SM. I love the finchin type roads and its all about the corners. Top end motorway speed im really not bothered about but i want a decent average speed for finchin type roads. Budget is around £3500-£4000


What bike do I go for?
What are the negatives for such a bike?
Petrol tank capacity on a decent ride out?
Any must haves/must do’s?

Really a newbie at all this, i cant afford to waste my money and i want something good that will hit all the right notes and not break down every 2 mins.

Would really appreciate some honest advice and direction pointing!

cheers :cool:

a mini moto will do you, about £300.00 :slight_smile:

Get 2 bikes. Tard for fun, another bike to go Jetstreaming!:cool:

Item number: 110707391493
Item number: 260803994549

PMSL :w00t:

Mate you are beyond help

Innarestink! Bit of history ……project


Thanks. Just seen the 600cc Sm thread and been reading up.

Cheers for links Sneak.

What about these? Engine size ok? I dont understand what difference is and if its that noticable.

Your such a cheese!

With that budget, I’d go for a KTM 690 smc :slight_smile:

Loads on here have got em, I done some homework and was a bit short of your budget, so went for the 625 smc. otherwise I would of got one, saying that I’m lurving mine :slight_smile:

The 690 has great service intervals and will defo tick all the boxes.

I wouldn’t worry bout tank range, if your knocking about with sm’s on rideouts, everyone else will be stopping for fuel :smiley:

Get a SM Lewis, your love it Mate, an old c*nt like me cant stop grinning everytime I get on it, there mental Mate :wink:

Cheers Tel, Shane told me never to talk to you, but ont his occasion, its all good bruvva! :DIve been looking at the 690 but then I think, why not go for the 625, have a bit of extra cash to slurge on nice bits or new boots…Fuel tank maybe an issue, whats rough hooning range? non hoonage range?I really want one, a different style to biking and everything. Bit bored of sports bikes after 8 years on them.Im going to need to call upon someones help when going to buy one. Ive bought sports bikes but I want a SM eye to see whats what and whos done what to cover it up!

Must mention that other than a go on a mates DRZ400sm a few years back, i freshto this! But screw it. I want one!

Anyone want to let me borrow theirs? petrol and cake thrown in? :slight_smile:

Shane’s a cnt, that I wouldn’t pss on if on fire ;):)The 625 doz it for me, bit vibey, but I’ve got use to that after France :hehe:Hooning range, bout 70miles, theres no non hooning, your see what I mean if you get one :DThe 625 in the link looks un-molested other than the zorsts, low milage, maybe a tad over priced ;)I’ve only just got into em, so maybe not your eye you need to when buying.If you want to have a go on a 625, giss a shout…take it you dont ride like Shane :smiley:

The 625 in the link is nice. I like un touched as i can then do what i want and learn about teh thing properly instead of repairing other peoples mess ups.Overpriced, maybe, but i could get a few quid off with my boyish good looks and a right knobber like you with me. (sorry)I like vibby, hence the revvy R6, its got to be alive to be ridden not a boring smooth thing. Im not commuting on it! its a hoon! I may well give ya a shout but hate riding peoples bikes when i dont know them and they look like your avatar! Oh and Shanes riding, no one rides like that tool! Not even AndyP

Mel said She liked mouthy f$ckers when I met her at the xmas do ;):)R6’s dont = anything like the vibe your get from a 625, do some homework on em, your welcome to have a go, dont be put off by the avatar, that was me in my younger years :)AndyP, leave wash & go out of this, He’s a law to himself :smiley:

Wash&Go hahaha. Staying out of this one. I knew what i meant with the R6 reference. Ill look into this all a it more, i may give you a shout thanks!

No probs Lewis, your welcome, look forward to meeting you on a rideout ;):slight_smile:

The bikes in the links all look a bit Orange to me!:stuck_out_tongue: Sipermoto, Mad-Dod and Moto will tell you how they differ.

Riding mine wont help you, its a shed and would put you off SM’s. But you’re very welcome…if all you jabs are up to date!:wink:

Visit KTM dealer and take 690 smc demo bike for a ride :wink: KTM centre in Hemel Hempstead have one as a demo now.

I can recommend KTM 690 SMC as its much improved from older LC4 (640, 660) and it will do as a only bike. The older LC4’s are as fast but need more maintenance.

Other good option as suggested by SneakyMcC to get proper supermoto (converted enduro or mx) and get cheap road bike too. XR’s from above links look mint but I will go for KTM 520 or 525 EXC :wink:

Thanks motodrb, i will call them.

Thanks for the advice, i shall take it and look for 690’s. Choice is not to have 2 bikes (lack space!)