help me find a video!

Well it’s not about motorbikes but I seem to remember (can’t remember if I saw it here or elsewhere) a video of a dude somewhere in south america where he was doing a downhill run, a makeshift one through a town, with spectators either side. Other than that the only other memorable thing I can remember was that at some point a dog jumped in front of him…

Is that the mountain bike favela one?

This is a search on YT -…0.0…1ac.1.h0CeagY22HU

its this right?

that’s the one pan! :smiley:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:



Mola muuuucho!

Bad camera angle though :frowning:

repost!! lol


Sorry to see you had a little incident.
Is the view from the hospital one of the three chimneys in three chimneys park?

Hoping you are now fully recovered.

PS I beat Julie at scrabble tonight.:smiley:


Thanks for noticing and asking Chris.
Errr…I’m not sure about the chimeys I’m afraid.

Still got tendon trouble in my right shoulder (and other boring crap not related to the accident), but it’s much better than it was :slight_smile:

Well done for the Scrabble win!