Help me find a scooter thats a BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!

So my sister needs a scooter, preferably a 125 and a preference for a Honda.

And we’ve stumbled upon this:

And to say the least, we both LOVE it. I’ve emailed the seller about some history, and to be honest, without a number plate to do a HPI check I’m tempted to steer clear of it just in case it’s stolen. :doze:

We love the retro look, and I’m happy to get my hands mucky (both for getting it roadworthy and also maintenance further down the line), so anything that isn’t an engine rebuild is game we reckon!

Some more inspiration - not sure what the first model is:

I believe this Spree is marketed in the UK as a Honda Melody but is 50cc only unfortunately. My sis loves the basket. Gotta say I do too. Not sure how long it’d stay on a 125 though! :w00t:

We’d look for a Honda Gyro, but they were sold in Japan only.

Any ideas? :hehe:

hi jung, iv had a go on a lead and not too keen on them… if you want something cheap theres a shop in east ham selling bikes / scooter at a resonable price…

oldschool wise what about a vespa?

The 125 Lead got sh** reviews when it was new, but each to their own. (And what do testers know anyway?)

But “retro look”? That’s not retro, it’s just a touch dated.


If you’re after something “old school” but reliable, look out for a Vespa PX125. There’s not much that can go wrong on them.