Help me decide

Howdy all,

I’ve got a bit of a scratch/scuff/scar on the seat unit of my CBR600RR (see photo)…

Now I have a few options to help me ‘repair’ this

  1. Do I get a new seat unit?
  2. Do I get it resprayed?
  3. Do I get a sticker, namely a number board set to cover it up?
  4. Do I leave it?

I’m quite drawn to option 3 but the thing thats stopping me is that the bike is Black/Silver/Red and the number boards i’ve found ( are white. Does anyone think this will look stupid or will it actually go?

Cheers all…


Try Trouty, he might be able to knock something up for you :wink:

Personally, because I’m not that bothered about minor damage on my bikes, I’d leave it. Just imagine how you would feel if you got it mended, and then dropped it again. I’d get if fixed before I sold it.

How about getting some 2 pack plastic repair stuff, smoothing it over and spraying it ? That would cover up 90% of it and even if the colour was off slightly you’d not notice it unless you knew it was there. Bit of a polish and you’re there.

i’d leave it! it’ll help you get out of that stage where you get wound up over every little scratch!:wink:

A set of throwover paniers should cover that up;)

oh no a big scratch,


Being that its 2 seats, dont think a number board would really go with that unless you converted to single seat. Best off getting it repaired, looks pretty minor.