Help me choose a bike


New to the forum, go easy :wink:

I’m about to move to London and want to commute to work on bike. I’ve just about had enough of being stuck in traffic or stuck in trains.

Currently ride a Suzuki GSX-R600 K4 but want something thats easier to get through tight spots in traffic. Also something i’m a little less worried about it getting wet or a little scrape, yes sad i know.

Been looking at price range about 4 - 5.5K, might even be tempted to get something on 0% finance. Want something around 600cc, so far liked Hornets and Dorsoduro.


welcome to Lb might get to see you on a rideout or meet plenty going on :smiley:

have you thought about the new 'zooki GSX650F getting good reviews and I think trashpuppy on here has just got one, might be worth sounding him out about his views on it :slight_smile:

steve, i’m suprised you’re not spreading the honda word!! :smiley:

I find around town an upright riding position is what its all about…

A supermoto would be ideal if there are no motorways involved, if there are then there are a few I’d look at! depends on budget!

The fazer is nice and upright and has a fairing + you can get them handy second hand… the hornet is a nice bike but too be honest if you are going for something in that league, you’ve got to get the street triple - blasts the hornet out of the water and looks far better! (but i’m biased! ;)) The Kwak ER6 if you like the look of it or the FZ6 which you can get for about 4.3k if you shop about enough!

so it all really depends! what you gonna be using the bike for? how far etc etc?

What ever you do… Do not buy a Daytona 675!!!:smiley:

Kml ya plank a GSX650F is a SUZUKI !!!

mind you if they like walking a lot they could buy a Triumph :D:D:D

HAHA - I just edited that, the benefit of dyslexia, I can just blame it on that!!!

Touch wood, the only thing i’ve had wrong with my trumpet has been that one day of overheating - otherwise its been fine! :smiley: That said, I’m at rockingham tomorrow, so it might come back in bits!!! :w00t:

stop off for a cuppa on ya way back if you want geezer :slight_smile:

Good shout on the street tripe. Nicer than the hornet.I’ll agree. Commute to work will be from Camberwell to Sidcup, about 10 miles through busy London.

I’ve got a car for motorways. So not bothered about if its not outstanding for top speed.

I’ve had an ER6F as a courtesy bike and it’s a real fun bike, loads of low down grunt, enough power to be fun and really flickable and nimble. Bit narrower than a 4cyl too so maybe better for traffic ? They even do a version with ABS and it’s on Kwaks 0% finance deal :slight_smile:

I bought an 05 600 Hornet not just for commuting but to have a bike that I could park up and not worry about. I was going everywhere on my Blade but found myself looking out the windows during client meetings just to check she was still there. The Street Triple may be a better bike but is probably far more nickable.

The Hornet is good in any weather and is nicely close to the ground for those mega-slidy moments! It can be a conservative commuter or a hooligan hooter – you ride, you decide!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in the suzuki family and get a naked sv650… probably get a decent trade at a dealership too.

Am I missing something here? :ermm:

Why do you want to spend nearly 5 grand on a bike to go from Camberwell to Sidcup and back each day?

Spend £1500 and buy an old Bandit 600/CB500/Fazer 600 and save the rest of your money. As long as it’s mechanically/electrically sound then it’ll be fine, you won’t worry about it getting covered in cr@p if the weather is bad, if it gets damaged or stolen it’ll be an inconvenience not the end of the world and you’ll be 3 grand + better off.

If you want to look good going to work and back use the gixxer and be done with it.

Now as I’ve just saved you 3 1/2 grand that’ll be £50 for the advice! :wink: :smiley:

Fully valid points and i agree.

However if i’m going to be using this every day as my main mode of transport i don’t mind spending a bit extra on it. It does matter to me that i like riding the bike and the way it looks does come into it abit. I’d rather get something newer, rather than a nackered older bike.

2000-2005 hornet 600 gets my vote , proper build quality etc , a bike you can leave dirty and itl still clean up like new

Pompey tim has a point,

I have a Hornet '01, absolute bargain, great town bike, but still fun when you get to a national speed limit sign. there are loads around for under £2000…

If you do fancy one, be aware that 98 and 99 models have a 16" front wheel. Which can limit tyre choice.

Great town bike, but still great fun when you get to a national speed limit sign…

Camberwell to Sidcup is all StreetMoto territory. The nearest thing to motorway is the A20 and that’s got more cameras and traffic lights than it needs.

If you go the SM route, buy one that’s unfashionable. I’d guess the street life of a KTM in Camberwell is a bit short unless you have a garage.

Alternative. Yamaha, MT-03 (650 single) is a great all rounder and currently on £99 down/0% finance. Pay the extra for the Akropovics and lump then in with the deal. You’ll not regret that.

Whatever i get it won’t be kept on the street, private garge with lock / alarm / immobilisor / disclock.