Help! Lift needed

I have to take my bike back to Wandsworth today… then get over to Chiswick Honda… anyone over that way that could give me a lift from Wandsworth to Chiswick?

Petrol and beer provided!

I would but I have no pillion seat at the mo, and it would depend on the time etc…

That’s cool :slight_smile: Thanks anyway Meeks.


I would love to help you Matt, but I have absolutly no petrol in my tank, not even enough to get to Wandsworth!!!

ahh fox cheers anyway… although I could come your way and give you some dosh for petrol?


What time? I’m over that way this afternoon

Fantastic matey - I should leave work around 4 ish - so in Wansdworth about 4:30 ish


Ah Matt, if you’d posted that yesterday it would have been easy - I’d have brought the CBR in to the office today and I work on Wandsworth Road. Unfortunately I had clients in to see me this morning and had to suit up so I came in on the train which I don’t usually. Sorry!

That’s cool ! Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Sorted - cheers guys - LSD has offered me a lift so I’m sorted :slight_smile:


We have a couple of members who work in Chiswick Honda, hunt them down and say hi

Bad time, otherwise I would have offered. Lunch-time would have worked for me.

Cheers mate - appreciate it :slight_smile: