Help K7 & K8 exhausts

does anyone know if a gixxer k7 750 exhaust will fit a K8

i have heard from some that it will and others that it wont, so apart from buying it and trying i dont know what else to do


hey mate - do you mean silencer or system?

Either way, should fit.

i am hoping to lose the cat and fit from the downpipes

aren’t the K7 and K8 the same bike?? I think changes were 2007 and 2009 fro Suzuki.

i know the K6 and K7 are the same both had the short stumpy exhaust but in the K8 its back to a full size there are a few other mods from 7-8 headlight, electronics etc and thats as far as my knowledge goes

yep. dont see why that wouldnt work :slight_smile:

thanks powerpuffgirl i will give it a go then

does that mean if it doesnt i can blame you :P:D:D

if you like :wink:

i like the sound of that:)

No no no! The



thats the way it works…

back to square 1 again!!!:hehe:

yeah well thats the last time i try to help :slight_smile:

good luck on finding something.

K6-K7 = Same
K8-K9 = Same

There are differences between the K7 and K8, in particular the cat is WELDED onto the link pipe after the SET valve with the K8. With the K7 it’s bolted on. A common mod for the K8 to drop the cat is to hack-saw off the cat at this point and install a K7 slip-on which includes the link-pipe to bridge the gap between cat and SET valve.

Exhausts for the K8 are either pointless slip-ons which attach to the cat (no performance gain) or a replacement of the entire system including the headers. By hack-sawing off the cat, you can get to the cost/performance sweet-spot upgrade by installing a slip-on and still get the performance gains.

thanks jay i think i will go with what your saying

dont fancy taking a hacksaw to my bike just yet

looks like a new system them