Help!!! - I've dropped a bo11ock..oops


I bought a couple of Pinlock inserts off a member on here with the intention of using one on my Black visor and one on my clear. The black one was Pinlock ready but I needed to get a DIY kit to do the clear one.

I bought a Universal DIY Kit but once its opened the instructions state its no good for Arai’s…:doze:

Silly me, I thought “universal” meant it fits everything.


Now I have the drill, the pins and the right insert but dont have a template for the arai pins.

Does anyone out there have an Arai Template I could borrow, steal or buy pleeeze:)

Sorry Chunks, don’t have a template, but I would like to know if it lists the Schuberth C1 or C2 on the compatible list, as I am thinking of getting one.


It lists Schuberth as a no-no mate:angry:

Something about it having an anti mist coating already

I’ve got a standard Arai pinlock insert that’s scratched, I keep it as an emergency spare, you can borrow that if you like, pm me your address and I’ll send it to you.

the schuberth is supposed to be treated already…does yours mist up mine doesnt…they had a vew visors with faults if you take it back in then they may replace it…I did and they did it without quibbling…

I have an arai visor, pin lock but just fitted it chunks…so cant help…and have thrown all the wrapping so cant help thereeither…

Already had it replaced, the fault was the coating flaked off, compared to the Pinlock system it is a very poor solution and it just looks like someone has smeared baby oil on the inside. Schuberth obviously don’t think much of it as the S1 now comes with Pinlock.

My Shoei visors come with the pins. Which doesn’t help anyone I suppose. I one used some funny pink wax stuff a guy sold me - you rub it on then buff it. Supposed to prevent fogging on the inside and help water run off on the outside (it was the latter part I was most interested in) - sort of worked a bit briefly and then did that baby oil thing mentioned above.

make sure you drill the visor from the correct side :wink:

ah yes Kevasta have seen that in the really cold…and yes I think your right pinlock is loads better…have you tried one of the fog city ones they fit anything and just stick on and they work really good.

On the schuberth, Do you find it sticks out too far the front above your forehead…so you cant see round bends…I cant ride my sports bikes with it…I find it really restricitve…

hey chunkls have you tried the fogcity ones instead…they are really good…they fit almost anything I guess…know that doesnt help but its a thought…

Cheers Steve, youre a star:) Cheers Ears:cool:

Will you be coming to the March Inbreds Meet? That would save posting;)

Yes mate I’ve had Fog City but didnt like it. I usually use an Arai Racing Breath shield but they break easily and have now been discontinued. i tried every helmet/visor stall at the NEC with no joy:angry:

Even the Arai mechanic man just said “Pinlock…Its the new garlic bread”;):smiley:

i presume that would be the inside?

I stopped reading the instructions after it said “Not suitable for Arai”…lol:D

Being a tightass pikey Im still using my fog city insert and its on its 2nd winter :slight_smile:

I didn’t think you’d need one seeing as you breath out of your backside;):P:D

I only discovered pinlock last year :blush: mind you I was still wearing me original 90s Doohan replica Arai :cool: Been riding all this time with me visor 1/2 inch open and eyes runnuing down me face :pinch:

Should be yes, what date is it ? Happy to post if you like ?

same here grim, eric really got me into them from the last rideout when it rained and i couldnt see where I was going…bloody awful…so fogcity then pinlock now, what a difference…

As I ride a CBF500 not really had a problem seeing round corners, but then I’m not crouching over the tank. But it is noticeably bigger than my old Shoei Raid II, but it is warmer, quieter, more comfortable, more practical and provides better protection. Shame about the anti fog.

do those pinlocks make that much difference then ?