help indentify CPU processor please

i am looking to get a new processor. i want a P3 1Ghz socket 370 CPU but there seem to be 2 types of these chips that look the same to me.

one is badged with the code SL52R (which seems to be a little more expensive) and another one which is also the same specs (P3 1Ghz Socket 370 - 1000/256/133/1.75v) but is badged SL4C8.

whats the difference?. i know the codes are step codes-step codes being like improved chips coming out?.

SL52R being better simply as it runs 1.75V as opposed to 1.7 on the other one, and running 5 degrees higher right?.


Darryl, that is old! Like five years plus! Time for an upgrade I think mate! A bare-bones system need not cost much, have some great deals.

Bit in the dark ages here arent we, your correct the 5 runs at .5 higher than the 4 coppermine chip, but unless you havnt got a pot to piss in a new motherboard and Athelon chip good enough to run most of the recent games should cost more than £150 quid. You might have to upgrade the power supply though.