Help?? I need question for an interview!

Hello All

I have to interview the crew chief for one of the Ducati BSB teams.

If any of you have any questions you would like to see answered…keep it clean and preferably civil…let me know and i will try to incorporate them!

Thanks x

Here’s one.How difficult is it to get a good bike set up from one race to the next? Circuits like Knockhill and Thruxton for example are poles apart in corners/speed etc. Is it more the engineers knowledge or the riders experience?

And another.

Could I have some free access all areas passes for the next Brands Hatch BSB?!!:stuck_out_tongue:

The obvious one is what he thinks of the changes to weight and how this will affect them - what changes have they made to put the requirements into effect… although I guess its been covered elsewhere?!

Thanks thats a great one will let you know when the interview done so you can see the answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will definately have to cover this topic. Thanks:w00t:

I have one:
Does he know of and has he looked at our online magazine and the racing galleries?

does he need a dwarf to clean the underside of bike on its stand ? think kevsta up for career change :slight_smile:

Im Sure he does. This guy is cool so he might even be a member! Will ask.:wink:

Good oh :wink: It would be nice to see a few LB stickers around his pit and on the bikes one day… :smiley:

Is red really his favourite colour?

Kevsta wouldn’t stoop that low, all that crawling on the floor would make that nice bright jacket all dirty…:stuck_out_tongue:

As for a questions

will we see any changes / reversion of the single make tyre rule coming back into a future season?

in his opinion will electronic aids be reduced, as per F1?

Thanks guys and girlies

Should have thought of this before! At least i have some decent questions to ask now. Keep them coming!:hehe:

Oooh those cans look mighty fine on that 'bird, same colour as mine too :slight_smile:

now I just gotta buy some…damn :slight_smile:

Ask him who’s hospitality does the best bacon rolls:D

To follow on from Lustfish’s comments I presume we are going to get a copy of the interview (what might as well be our interview) to publish?

Good luck and hope it goes well