Help I need a wheelie school!!

ok we have bought a stunt bike, more details to follow…

Crikey thats a fast turnaround!! Nice work!!

Good work Goose…If you do this before June then I’d be up for it too

why, u taking part in a stunt show in june?


good of you to lend your bike goose

If iv got the time im always willing to lend a hand free of charge…

coz wheelies are fun

Goodun Ben

haha i cant even do that standing, let alone off a bike…

Afro and everyone, we are ready to roll, have someone willing to teach us, just need a suitable venue, any suggestions welcome on a postcard, or PMs will do…

we can all share the bike…

I’ll be up for this if it’s on private land, but I’ll be fooked if it’s on a industrial estate with a load of us, have you herd Goose’s bike

There is this disused airstrip at Wisley.,-0.46222&spn=0.01167,0.038667&t=h&z=15&om=1 We used to go there as kids in cars before we were road legal many years ago! I checked it out the other day and the gates have tree trunks across them in a half hearted effort to stop people getting in but they are partly moved away. So getting in shouldn’t be a problem but two major factors that could be issue: a) there are houses nearby that could get upset b) if I remember rightly there are crash barrier acrross the runway to stop end-to-end runs.

Anyway thought I should throw it out there in case anybody knows anything about it. Just seems such a waste it’s not used for something. I have seen a few blogs online where people have wanted to turn it into a drag strip.

I’m sure last time I was over there it was mossy and slimey and the surface was breaking up etc.

Just did a quick websearch and it would seem that an application or feasibility study was made in 2004 for having a quarry there (presumably sand or gravel).

Found some aerial photos too…

hey nice one, any idea on who owns the land? or can we live on it for 12 years an claim squatters rights?

we may be able to put together a proposal to use it as a wheelie/stunt practice area as long as we dont piss off the residents in the houses, but looking at the pics if we keep it to the other end away from the houses it should be ok, anyway its a lot better than living next to a quarry!

And Terry, my bike aint that loud lol

I’m gonna check out a place tonight and will post if its good for our purposes…Won’t post details in a public thread though.

Goose, make a list of everyone interested and then PM them the details.

No rozzers are welcome cos they’re never off duty…Sorry

Count me in on this, i can hold them up for a while in first off the power but havent got onto changing gears yet.

Defo could do with so lessons!

I know this post is old but i saw a guy doing a completely upright stood on his pegs vertical wheelie past the Ace last week…was well impressed and thought hmmm i really must look into wheelies again.

Is it worth buying an old clapped out 600cc bike and practicing at “abandoned airstrips” :wink: until i get the idea of it and the skill to hold a few clutch up wheelies. Then start implementing them on my nice bike?

was that the fella with sod all fairing? gixxa i think, last sunday?

Think thats the way forward mate, Its great fun on airstrips :wink: Get something thats cheap and easy to get bits for. I’m thinking of organising another wheelie school day. There’s quite a few on here that have mentioned to me they want to do it :slight_smile:

This is the last one we done should be some pic’s on here somewhere :slight_smile:

I’ll be up for it Terry, my wheelies are sh**e!! :smiley:

So did LB go to the the above airstrip, was the airstrip surface ok to pratice on and how many LBers who went on that day can now wheelie… Im mean really wheelie.

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