help help!!

is possible for anyone to come and pick me up on weds eve!! to go to bourogh market!!
as adam is bringin his mate from work!!! we would be very gratefull if any one could help. ment to say good morning to!!

You know I would Gina but as I am reading this from Air France business lounge in Heathrow on my way to Dakar, I think that would be a bitch of a commute. I like you lots but not quite that much…

Why don’t you do the decent thing and wait home in your sexiest underwear and wait for your man to come home when he feels like it…
Be a good woman, will you???

thanks hun im glad u would help if u could!!! have a brilliant time were u are and keep safe and upright!!!.xx

Yes she can - I saw her do it yesterday over hot coals

to right i can!!!

I would but i`m going out and meeting some old school friends.

It would appear that no one can be…




Gina what area do u live?

she’s from luton, but i’m sure she’ll drive down to the ace! dunno! she’s at work at the mo but she should see this later!

yep thats not a problem i can get to the ace!! and we can go from there!!

and if its ok can i grab a lift back to the ace aswell!!! pl;ease

Cue blind date style music…

Who’s bike will it be this week, will it be Ginger, easy to take advantage of his good nature he will run you about all night without asking for petrol money always reliable for the evening and will wait around to take to take you home even if you don’t want him too?

0r will it be the fast talking smiled loan bike or not he will entertain you for a few hours at least but when the fun is over he is guaranteed to go out of his way to get you home?

Could it be the fast riding smooth talking JB he will get you there quicker than anybody else.

It could even be Grimbusa, because everyone knows she hasn’t been on a hayabusa before.

Or could it be johnp although he only has a scooter it still has two seats its still good to go pillion and all the flirting has to end somewhere so why not with a free ride?

And now with a late entry from blade its an open offer ???
So which LBer will it be?

cheers for that peenarse!

lift sorted now!

ha ha, im pissing myself


whos this anyway please introduce yourself properly ion the newbie section and get yourself down to the bourough market meet tonight

If you get to the Ace I could pick you up, but you’d have to make your own way home

How does a newbie know so much about us after 1 post.