Help!! GSXR K6 can you Fit TomTom RIDER Europe?

Hi there fellow bikers…

would like to know if any one out there has fitted a TomTom RIDER Europe to a GSXR 750 K6? If you have details and if possible a pic to where it fits that would be a great help.

Wheather looking promising… happy riding


try to ask Smiled

Welcome to LB mate :smiley:

I use ram Motorcycle Yoke Mount Base with 1" ball.

Part number RAM-B-342.

Thank you:)

that’s actually quite good m8 :0 getting one aswell :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for something like this for ages…thanks mate…

Or you could try it’s around £46 for that model (I know cos it’s what I have) although the site is WRONG and it is not a 13mm stem mount you need. It is the 16mm. I am absolutely sure of this as my mate bought one for his 06 R1 and it was too small in diameter for my GIXXER. The flat plate on it allows you to add other devices rather than just GPS, ie camera etc

Good luck


try this

These are pretty good you have to call him to order as although they have a website the business end is still a bit old fashioned. It turns up in the post and if you are pleased with it you send him a bank transaction. If you are not then you send it back.