HELP! Gsxr K1 Boot/Rear Seat Jammed!!!

Tried Googling no joy in find a solution.

I think I overfilled my gsxr 600 k1 boot/storage under rear seat and now cant get it off. the key that pulls the metal wire seems to be moving but i’m guessing something is logged that is preventing the seat from being release. Any suggestions. Like a fool my chain and disk lock are in there and i cant ride my bike anywhere as it wont be secure!!!


This was a common problem with early Busa’s, SRADs and TL’s. It’s caused by the cable being dislodged.

You may find that a long thin screwdriver and something to wedge into the gap may allow you to flick the lever that holds the seat down.

Good luck mate

This happened to my mates Gixx. If I recall rightly, I had to take off the front seat then get my hand up behind the panel under the rear seat. The cable from the lock had come off its mount. I just had to get hold of the cable and give it a pull. Good luck! :wink:

cool will try that tomorrow morning…thanks for the advice guys…f’in pain in the bum!

If that does`nt work, buy a new bike, loads of bargains out there:D

sorted - cheers peeps