Help getting a specific AGV Helmet

Hi folks

Well no bike yet, but the savings are building up, so once my TFL season ticket runs out in July, I’ll probably have enough money to get a bike. Courtesy of my employer’s little employee of the month type thing, I now have the gloves, just working on the rest now :smiley:

There’s a particular AGV helmet in a very particular colour scheme I’d love, but its been discontinued and I’m having a hard time tracking it down. I’ve called all the places that seem to stock it online, but they all don’t have one. Anyone got any bright ideas as to where to look for discontinued AGV helmet designs?

Its this one - AGV Stealth in Medium in St Andrews Flag colours:

And, yes, apologies, I’m a Scot come down for the jobs and the women (my wonderful wife was born in St Albans) :wink:

Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated

I remember seeing that lid but not for a couple of years mate. I ended up getting one done by an Airbrush Artist.


That’s really nice too! I’ve seen a few airbrushed ones online but none as nice as that.

Managed to get one though! Admittedly its in a shop 500 miles away, but it’s paid for so it’s mine :wink: Panic over!

It would be typical that despite searching for weeks, it only takes hours after starting this thread before I found one. Thanks though!

Where did you get it from mate and what was the damage ?

That’s a nice lid…

And speaking as an Englishman that’s high praise indeed…


Got it from this lot in Dundee

Thankfully I was brought up in Dundee and my parents still live there, so convinced them to nip into town and get it for me - no word on the price yet (I was that excited I didn’t actually bother to ask :smiley: )

If you have a head the size of an apple, the AGV distributor still has some smalls and extra smalls left, so you’d be able to order one!