Help from any fellow WR400 owners?????

Like my good friend Millieman, i too have been turned to the dark side, and love nothing more than getting bloody filthy at the weekend. With his help we went out and bought our selfs two Weapons to play with!!! He landed himself with a awsome 525EXC and i have purchased a WR400f.

Right ill stop going on and get to the piont. Im after a rear light for the little gem and also a kick start if any one out the has one or knows of where i can get said items for a good deal (yes i have tried Ebay)

Cheers all !!!


hi bud,

I can suggest you to take a look on for the rear light, you should find what you need.
About the kick-starter I’m sure you can find it only at a Yamaha authorized dealer, 'cause doesn’t exist a similar aftermarket spare part.

Your very Kind with your advise, but i sold the bike after restoring it over a year ago.

Thank you:D

Oh! so sorry, I didn’t see that you posted it in 2007!