Help for Heroes

Hello all,

I am organising a charity collection for Help for Heroes throughout London Underground to take place on St Geroges Day and we are looking at recruiting some volunteers.

Basically we need people who are capable to shaking some buckets, speaking to the public and maybe even shouting out ‘help for heroes’ now and again to attract attention. We done this before and raised nearly £10,000 at one station and now have the option of having upto 12 stations - we just need the people to fill them up!

This will take place between 7am and 7pm on the Friday 23rd April. We do not expect you to turn up and be there for 12 hours but we ask anyone that is going to volunteer gives us atleast 2 hours commitment. After all the bikers pulling together and doing the Wooton Bassett ride the other day i thought it would be good to ask my fellow bikers if they are up for it.

Gis a private message if you are genuinely interested - Thanks all!

I would have definitely done this…but I’m in France for the weekend and leave that morning.

I hope it goes well!

Wish i could help but i’ll be here in Germany… I do always get a kick out of seeing peoples efforts though. I want to do bike related things to raise money for H4H thats why im designing my new graphics based on the army and H4H

Thanks for commenting guys and thanks to those who have sent me messages. We still need more people if we can get them!

Last time there were 3 of us plus the staff in london underground and we raised nearly £10,000 - we’d like to beat that this time!

Keep me informed with your H4H stuff mate, bike related or not i’m generally up for it!

Will do

PM sent

starting to get some people come through atlast! we have upto 12 stations to fill guys so the more the merrier! if you can guarentee 4 hours of your time we’ll grab you a t-shirt for H4H aswell… we need to be sure your coming though as we need to buy these t-shirts for you so it costs us money!

Thanks all!

It may help if you put a list of locations - people would at least know if they could get to one or not for the amount of time required;)

sorry common sense evades me!

Our ‘Flagship’ location is Bank/Monument station and we will be taking up stations around that area. i.e Cannon Street.

I have just created an event on facebook aswell where you can get more information:!/event.php?eid=107293179294867

if for some reason the link doesn’t work the event is called:

Help for Heroes Collection St Georges Day Friday 23rd April 2010

Feel free to contact me on there if you would like. Cheers all!

Are you going to keep me company in the afternoon ? :smiley:

Where are you shakin’? :w00t:

Anywhere they will have me :wink:

we’re looking at Cannon Street, Tower Hill, Bank/Monument, Holborn and something like Liverpool Street - Maybe more!

Trixie, Times are great and we’ll get you a T-shirt sorted out no problem. If the two of you come along then we’ll put you somewhere together so you can have a laugh at the same time!

any more takers guys?

we now have 30 people down to come along to this but obviously anyone of you is a good thing!

Anyone else from here ??? :smiley: