Help for heroes

Hey guys,

Im new to the forum, I have put a section in the newbies section, and I hope to be joining you on a rideout soon. I wish I could have made your Hunstanton one, I go there regularly!

Anyway, Im not a spammer, and I didnt join this website to spam. However, Im in the RAF, and last August a friend of mine had his arm blown off in Iraq. Hes now doing a charity bike ride to raise money for help for heroes and the rehab centre for wounded servicemen. Anything you could give would be greatly appreciated. His page is:

I was on guard with him just before he went, for 12 hours a day for 7 days. He was planning to get a motorbike with the extra cash he earned in Iraq. Now obviously it looks unlikely.

Hopefully I havent bought on a drab mood to the forum, any messages I can pass on to him personally!

Cheers, Ben.

He can still ride. Go to:

Sorted :slight_smile:

Well I have the upmost respect for you guys and the Jobs you have been doing out there.

I defo think more should be done for our boys out there, my best wishes to your friend and good luk with the ride.

my thoughts exactly! all the best to all you boys n girls

Many people with disabilities find the Honda CB400A, CB450A, and CB750A to be a viable choice to ride. They are not rare, not expensive, and are found in excellent condition, most times. They are just beginning to attract collector interest. They are reduced in horsepower and are semi-automatic transmission. So, tell your friend that he needs a CB400A, CB450A or a CB750A, from the late 70s to mid-80s.

I have even seen them fitted with a sidecar and ramp for loading a rider in a wheelchair, with the controls mounted in the front of the sidecar. It always attracts a lot of attention, to see a motorcycle, ride down the freeway and apparently riderless. The side car tends to make up for the weight of the 750A model (around 500 lbs). So people confined to wheelchairs can enjoy enjoy riding.

Common prices (here in the US) are from around $1200, to a high of $2100, for a highly desirable, original condition classic.

The transmission does not seem to be a weak point, as most of them are trouble free on that feature and the chain and sprocket last far longer than a higher powered, regular shift motorcycle.

I have so much respect for all of you out there! I was going to go in the RAF but can’t now! Keep up the good work and best wished to your friend :slight_smile:

Hi and from one to another i am sure your mate will enjoy the rest of his life, is he getting any help or support from Blesma?

Thanks for the messages of support.

He is actually doing his CBT this weekend, so has somehow overcome the obvious problem.

I havent seen him for quite a while now, he now does alot of charity work although is still in the RAF. I am hoping to do the UK part of his charity bike ride to help out.