Help for Heroes Fundraising Event

Once again we plan to shake buckets on the 21nd April throughout London Underground and make some serious money for Help for Heroes.

Through the past few years the amount raised has just increased and increased. First of all approx £6000 was raised, the following year we have raised £10000 then last year we raised in excess of £20000!!!

Several of us will be there throughout the entire day (7am - 7pm) with pretty much non stop fundrasing but we ask that anyone comes along for a minimum of 2 hours and helps us raise some money. If you come along for more than 4 hours than we will provide you with a charity shirt to keep!

We are getting permissions for the London Underground to have some more stations this year and we are hoping once again we have will more people to spread around.

You all know the charity and know what it is all about but if you do have any questions then please send me a message.

As ever guys please copy in any family and friends to this that you think will be interested.

Please feel free to add me on facebook (Search for name Chris Cavvy) and follow the below link to the ‘event page’





Remind us closer to the date nd if im around im all in for it. Id raher not stand at the tube though as id like to be abl to sand b my bike with my H4H graphics on it if possible and if im am free for it i’ll give you the whole day of my time

Nice one Asbo.

I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out. i’ll keep you updated up to date as time get’s closer. some people i know need to book time off so i wanted to get it up there early!

Ladies and Gentleman,

The date has now been confirmed for Thursday 21st April.

If anyone would like to come to join us in Central London at any stage throughout the day it would be appreciated.

We will be shaking buckets in London underground from 7am to 7pm with various people joining us at all different times.

Please send me a message if you are interested

Hope you have a good day, unfortunately i cant make this as i’ll be on my search course.

Thanks ASBO - hopefully people will be as generous as usual.

I’ll keep you updated on totals

We currently have 15-20 people registered to come along for the event EXCLUDING staff. so numbers are picking up well but we could always do with more.

Even if you are unable to make it could you please mention it to friends?

Thanks everyone