HELP first puncture

So i’ve found a small hole in my back tire. Reason i noticed it was that i had just put air in a couple days ago and haven’t touched it till today. When i went off to go to work the back end felt very squimish so i checked the pressure again and it had gone down to 30psi from 42psi a couple days before. I put some air in it and managed to get to work and then found where the hole was. My question is will the bike be safe enough to ride home fulham to kilburn after work? The bike was going into the shop later in the week to get some toys put on anyway so i figure use the tube till then? :crazy:

To be safe I would get it plugged, up to £35 to get it done, and then you wont have the nagging worry, assuming it can be plugged, is it near the sidewall?

no it’s right in the middle of the tire. I was thinking to get it plugged when i take it to the shop later in the week. Just wondering if it was safe enough to take it home tonight though.

As long as you keep an eye on the pressure you should be fine.I would get it plugged as soon as you can though,it does’nt take long.

42 psi !! what you riding a goldwing ? is that what sportsbikes run at seems high to me, as my lardy old bus runs 36 psi rear and its a lot heavier than a cbr, :wink:

Ha funny i normally run around 36 front and back but i put it to 42 with the theory that i had a puncture

My R6 runs on 36 front and 40 rear.

I’ve had the AA come out and plug my tyre :slight_smile: Sounds like a slowish puncture so you should be ok to get home.