Help due to a Lieing Letting agent I need to find a new house sharpish

Was wondering if you knew anyone letting a minimum two double bedroom house with garage and shower? Preferably in South south East London? Or know of a good agent. Cheers for the help

Oh and avoid Harrison Ingram in Eltham

Mate, saw your post on VD. I can only speak from experience of my area, Forest Hill. Loads of lettings going on and there must be 8 or 9 estate agents in the high st. Oli and Sincere are also local so ask them what they think of the are. Google “Forest Hill letting” and you will get masses of options.

Am googling as we speak but the garage is very much being the sticking point. Was hoping there was a recommendation.

Well I have to find a place by the 12th of this month so I’m a little fubared

Could try Gumtree

One of my close friends, viewed a flat from there, and had moved in by the end of the week. Good Luck.


I highly recommend Kennington, best of luck!

Findaproperty are alright but not a great number with garages. Gumtree experiences are bad but am trolling there now.

try GPS lettings they cover there and ner there

try posting on we got let down the morning we were moving and were basically homeless… We currently live in what we now find our perfect flat in Greenwich and no scum agent involved :slight_smile:

Good Luck

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here you go.

I’ve worked for them in both lettings and sales in North and West London but they have offices allover London. All negotiators have extensive training.

Good luck