HELP!! brake discs

Can anyone recommend a good set of brake discs and pads (front and rear) for city riding on a sv650s (2001), I seem to wear out the disc way too often.

I’ve got the standard ones on there at the moment.


EBC Prolites are very good, use with EBC HH pads iirc

If you want to snazz it up a bit, there are some good package deals 3 discs, 6pads - I have seen recently for Galfer/Wave discs, think it was bike HPS, maybe demontweeks

I have the galfe wavy disks on my SV. Not sure about longevity though. The standard ones should be adequate and give reasonable life on the road. If you want something different for the SV, let me know, I can sometimes manage to get a discount due to my race licence.

Thanks for you help, I think something got in between my disc and pads and has just worn them down.

Chuffster, thanks for the offer. I might have to take you up on that as I’ve already spent alot recently on the electrics (regulator and generator etc).

Looked on ebay last night and there were a set of waveys up for grabs. There were also sets of standard ones.