HELP! Anyone any good at cars?

Hi gang,

Got in the cage last night to find that it won’t turn over. Funny, it did in the morning :frowning:

Most of the lights came on, on the dashboard so I’m wondering if it’s a collant problem. Has the radiator cracked? I got out and noticed fluid at the front end but it was too dark to see what it was or where it came from. And by this morning it has dried up. It’s not the battery either.

Any ideas? They would be greatfully recieved :kiss:

When you turn the key do you hear anything?

Do the lights dim when you turn the key?

Yep the engine is straining to start but won’t catch. It is a strange noise though…

I’ll test the lights as I didn’t notice that last night.

Turn the engine over with the interior light on, if it dims dramatically its probably the battery isn’t fully charged.

Sounds like battery problems to me. My Mondeo goes haywire with lights and stuff if the battery is low.

Hmmmm… I’ll try that when I get home tonight. Thanks chaps.

Still think it’s a liquid problem though. I might just top up the radiator and see if it leaks out.

Could have been someone elses puddle & your battery or starter is giving you trouble - not too good on new fangled cars :wink:

Hi Lusty,

The engine should turn over fine when cold even without coolant, I would check the battery or drop me a pm and I can have a look at it for you in work in Twickenham.

PM sent :wink: :kiss:

It will start without coolant but will heat up quicker and overheat… so it shouldn’t be the liquid stopping it.

It takes little battery to run the interior lights, and it may not have enough umpf to turn the engine over. I’d get the jump leads out and ask some one to jump you (not literally :P) Take the battery off and see if the cells are full, if not, top up and recharge the battery.

Good luck

Thank you very much!

As said, not coolant. Sounds like bettery. If you are about I can pop over as I keep Jump Leads in the back of my car. You know I am 5 min round the corner from you.

I know that! If the interior light dims when you turn the key it’s a good indication that the battery lacks a charge;)

Thanks Jamie!

I wouldn’t mind betting the water is a red herring;)

Who needs RAC when you have LB cover:P

Hope you get it sorted promptly:)

Maybe someone weeing on my car?!? :unsure:
I would rather ask people that I know (or know of) than some random recovery guy anyday.

I really do appreciate all your advice guys and gals :kiss:

sounds like a flat battery, strange noise could also be cam belt snapped then it would wizz over fast, what car is it. ?

I think she has one of these :wink:

use the starting handle and let us know if it works.

wasn’t aimed at you chunks… just being a bird in the know… you know :smiley: I left my interior light on when I was doing a car boot and drained my battery - live circuit. Had to jump start it, tad embarrassing. i can work out what’s wrong with cars, just don’t (or not tried) fixing em. :stuck_out_tongue: