Help a newbie please

Ok, I will try to keep this as short as possible but still with all the details, hopefully it will work.

Basically I brought a Suzuki RF600r, drove it back home, about 2 miles from home, ran out of petrol so switched over to reserve, filled the bike up. On Saturday I was driving about and ran out of fuel on the M25, pulled over and went to switch on reserve, realised I had never switched it off reserve :frowning: Mates came out with some petrol in a jerry can for me, so drove off and to a petrol station, filled up the bike, turned the reserve off, started to drive after a mile, the bike cut out and wouldn’t start, so I switched back to reserve and it ran fine, thought this was weird. So today I’ve been driving about on Reserve but with a full tank of petrol and had no issues, so decided to come off reserve tonight, and it just cut out again and wouldn’t start. Can anybody think what would be causing my bike to only run now, when it’s on reserve tank, even though it has a full tank?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds to me like the fuel tap is at fault . . . Or diaphragm in the fuel tap.
Where are you buddy i may be able to come and have a look

i dont know much about rf’s but are they suppose to have a fuel pump or summat?
just wondering cos sounds if they may and dont work but when you put it on reserve it flows freely

inside the petrol tank, on the fuel switch you normally have 2 filters, one for normal tank, one for reserve, sometimes when running a tank to empty, $hite can get sucked into the normal longer filter, thus blocking that side, using the reserve switch side still allows fuel to flow, if that makes sence, so it may just be a case of emptying the tank, unscrew tap, blow filters out with an air hose, re insert and fill up, and try

Steve. I’m from Uxbridge, if your able to come and have a look that would be great, how much would you want?

RatCatcher, I will check that out later on.

Thanks for all the help guys! It’s really appreciated.