Helmo - Helmet, bar end locking system by OJ

HELMO just arrived in the shop this morning!
x2 Bar ends that fit on your bike as normal, comes with two locking keys and x4 adapter T-plates with a handy carry clip. Depending on your helmets locking system you may not need the T-plates.

These will keep you and your pillions helmet locked to the bike safely when you stop at the Ace, Cafes, Petrol station ect…


£5.99 for a single fluro waterproof cover for your helmet to keep it dry and protect your paint work.

In stock now…

Call me on 0208 743 96 98 or drop in 1 Keith Grove, W12 9EY (1030-1800h)


Did you sell out of the ones that arrived Friday ? :slight_smile:

Or maybe hes now over stocked… :Whistling: