Gotta get a new lid - since ive already bought a black visor for the AGV S-4 figured i could just get a new one of these.

I can remember seeing a website which had the helmets as a total bargin but cant remember the website. What sites do you buy your kit off?

Don’t think I would want to buy a helmet on line. Rather go in to a shop and make sure it fits and is comfortable.

But did use these peeps to get a Whisper Strip for the Raid II:


I went to a shop, tried on a few helmets and found one I liked that fitted then went home and bought it online for a good deal less.

I`ve heard you like a new shiney helmet.

I know a few people that have used this site, never got any bad feedback about them:
http://www.racevisors.co.uk/?kw=race%20visors&fl=42519Hope it helps ’ Artist

This place sold the Tour-X for £100 cheaper than everywhere else when I was looking to buy…

Bikers Bargains

(Did try one at the Ally-Pally show first though ;))

Good bargain.

that is to do with the new one that is coming out in march time. few things have changed but nothing to drastic … like paint jobs and front chin piece is made to be cooler.

The visor on my helmet (Caberg Trip) is now a bit loose. I used to often ride with it slightly ajar so as to allow air flow to avoid any steaming up. Now it wont stay in that position, it drops all the time.

Last weekend I even noticed, when doing more than about 70 on the M25, as I turned my head to check blindspots, the visor flew up! Can this be tightened in any way, or is this just a cheap helmet getting towards the end of its life? (Had it 11 months now)

Never worked on a Caberg but on most helmets the blank plates can be adjusted to make the visor fit tighter.

Hope that helps


The reason why these helmets are so cheap is because they are intended for the Asian market and not UK.

Hi Alice:kiss:

If you are set on another AGV I’d have thought you’d get one cheaper over there than here as the Euro is so strong at the moment.