Helmets - Buying Options

Well it’s time to retire my old Schuberth C3. It’s 8 or 9 years old and it time to get a new old. Bit shocked at the price of helmets generally (top of the range are now pushing a grand!)

So beyond the usual places:



Is there anywhere else I should have a look at?

Well the normal advice would be to wait until the bike show…

However, i’ve used both of those for lids & had good service. The other place that springs to mind is Helmet City.

Agree re prices, but my helmet is about 6yrs old so not sure if I’m just being a tight git. Not much in the prices when looking at Shoei, Arai helmets unless you have a tiny or huge head. Some interesting deals on Schuberth S2 over at Helmet City fyi.

Infinity have a ebay warehouse shop, just picked up a new helmet this week.Ordered Monday am and delivery turned up this morning. Bonus was the 5% discount voucher.

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I have not bought a helmet from them, but have had good experiences otherwise ordering from ghostbikes.com

Lids direct (Lloyd cooper) in forward have treated me well for my past two helmets

Closed down permanently.

:scream: when did that happen!?
just the helmet part, or the whole dealership?

Actually don’t know. Lloyd Cooper/Motorcycles Direct is still around, and I found article this year about Lids Direct, but the helmet side has seemingly gone.

I always use Sportsbikeshop. Search their stock. Select size small and wait for end of line stock to pop up. Always a deal to be had!

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Assuming you want to try on then not sure there’s better places than those. Only one I can think of is somewhere like P&H but not sure how big a range they have.

Personally I always defaulted to Helmet City. I’ve been to both their Tatsfield and Chichester stores and had good service in both. In the stores you can also find the slightly older models they want to get rid of and I got a good deal on my Shoei back then.

But my god you’re right helmets seem to have gone up in price… it has been a good 6 years since I bought my last one

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For trying on, Bike Stop in stevenage are excellent.


I know what I want, and the size. Trying on isn’t a problem just looking for the best price.

Forum discount at helmetcity last time