helmets and filling up - let's make a point


There’s been a lot of talk both on here and in the wider press about people being ‘asked’ to remove helmets whilst filling up and paying for fuel. I think it’s a cheek - especially hearing about people with a flip front lid being asked to do the same so perhaps it’s time we made a point.

So As has been done by other groups previously I’m suggesting that following a letter to all the major fuel companies we hold a special ride out - we could even do a toy run at Christmas at the some time but it’s more about visiting garges where we’re ‘TOLD’ to remove out lids, I’m sure we can all recommend a few and from these we could work out a route.

At each stop we must follow the rules laid down by the retailer to the letter. Park - remove lid and gloves fill up (min delivery?) and go in and pay (large denomination bills). Kit up again and go. No sharing of pumps and no loitering after filling - just wait outside. We’ll be polite and explain we’re just following the rules etc.

Ideas, suggestions - pros and cons are also welcome here - discuss and we’ll work something out if enough interest is shown

Why would these companies take our money yet treat us differently? Stop people criminalising motorcycling NOW!

I am 100 % behind this and think we need to make a point of getting every one behind this, lets do the MAG BMF route, strength in numbers and all that. Plackards or bill boards warning motorists what we are doing would be good also. needs a pardon the pun steering group to ensure we get the point across peacefully and legally.

I must be a specially blessed biker…

I’ve never yet been asked to remove my lid at a filling station or been stopped/hassled by the police.

brilliant idea, but we’d better read up on all the little known laws to make sure they can’t actually make up some charges against us, and we’d better all be very very very polite just to make sure they can’t get us in **** for being agressive.

Sorry not with you on this 1.
unless your a regular user of a petrol st i think they have a point specially with the run up to christmas.

i know its a pain in the arse, thats why i use the same petrol st all the time and they recognise me so they never ask me to take hat off.

If you do wot your proposin i think you’ll only alienate yourself more at said station.

Totally agree!

I’ve never been asked to remove my lid.

Howerver, I’ve just filled up at a Texaco near Virginia Water. There was a board on the forecourt with “instructions” and “safety notices”. It clearly indicated that Motorcyclists helmets must be removed.

I removed my lid and refueled. It did give me the option of riding off to another station though.

I wonder if a letter to the oil companies will achieve anything? Most Petrol stations are privately owned or Franchised.

The idea behind the letter is that it would seek the view of the oil companies - in particular the view of it’s retail operations arm the people who run the people running the forecourts for their views on this matter. It’s a pre cursor to the event and is a chance for the corporate to put it’s case so we can show a balanced approach to this rather than tunring up mob handed unannounced.

I have to say that I have never been asked to remove my lid either and I use all different stations to fill up. I presumed it was because I was a girl…

However, I would be happy to support this as I know that other people do have an issue with this.

He he, lets not try this at the Houses of Parliment!! Might not get a good response.

I for one have never been asked to remove my helmet (exept at in the bank…) but the idea that they assume that we might be criminals just because we wear helmets… Now the real question would first to the coppers on the site. Could you please, pretty please search you database for crime report where the MO is one where a fullface helmet wearing biker rob a petrol station in the last 5 years in E & W?
As if there is a sinificant (let say 1 ) number of case, unless we are going to cover them as I am sure their insurance impose the restriciton part of the premium condition) we would not a wooden leg to stand on…
If they have no reasons… I am all for it and will be coming…

“remove helmets whilst filling a nad”

Now, I have never done this before, emptied mi nad plenty of times , but never filled! Upon emptying, helmet will remain in place… for protection dont you know!

im in…always up for a REVOLUTION…


im in 2 the first one would have to be the bp (store no 3030) coming out of london by the wacky warehouse when ever i have been there its please remove your helmet over the tannoy

Cool! This is the sort of thing I’m looking for. We need a list of the worst offenders - the places that go at it all worng (in our opinion).

Fist thing first is the letter - I’m thinking about wording and when I have a draft I’ll post it up to gauge opinion.

My opinion for what it’s worth is that you’re all on a loser here guys. I can see both sides here and I’d just like to raise a few points.

Petrol stations are all private property and they do have the right to say what they want customers to do in the same way that you have the right to tell someone what to do if they enter your home.

Those same petrol stations will be given crime prevention advice and of course that will include using cctv to combat crime and to ask customers to remove lids so they can be identified should they try and do something that they shouldn’t. I have no doubts that their insurance companies will also (like they do with us bikers) set certain criteria which will more than likely include asking customers to remove lids.

Yes it is a right pain in the backside to take your lid off and I don’t either unless I’m asked but if they all start to do this what will you do, go without fuel ?

Sorry if these facts upset the majority here but I can see it from both sides and all you’ll be doing (my opinion only) is wasting your own time and upsetting anyone else that is waiting to be served on any day of action you plan which will in turn lead them to think that all bikers are a pain in the rear !

Good luck in what you do but sorry, no support from me on this one.

Edited to add … saying “No support from me” was a bit harsh, it would be great if it was sorted out but I just can’t see it happening no matter how much chaos is caused trying to get it to happen - does that make sense ?

Anyone who has read my posts in the other thread on this topic will know that I am far from happy at being requested to remove my helmet but I’m sorry MacP… I don’t see any mileage in this idea. If 100 bikers turned up at my local Tesco petrol station and each put in the minimum amount (£5 I think) taking about 6 min to remove helmet, fuel bike, pay and replace helmet, it would take an hour to fuel all the bikes on the 10 pumps. We wouldn’t get to too many petrol stations in a day and what would we have achieved? The petrol station with the poor attitude to motorcyclists would be £500 better off and the other motorists who had been inconvenienced by our actions would have joined them in their low opinion of bikers.

I for one will continue to refuse to remove my helmet and I am happy to take my custom elsewhere if necessary. Perhaps if we want to make a united stand, we should prepare a letter to be sent to petrol suppliers pointing out that we feel victimised by this unnecessary requirement and proposing that we name and shame those petrol stations on this and other biking sites. If these companies were boycotted it would hit them where they would feel it… their bank balance. It would also reduce the chance of it becoming universally accepted practice as Trojan suggested.

Perhaps rather than actually buying petrol in the petrol stations, we should deliver a letter (wording to be decided) to the cash desk - after lids have been removed etc - stating why we will not be using this particular petrol station now or in the future. And if there are several bikes there, the station will get the message that they have lost money by their decision. Clearly it’s their decision to ask for lids to be removed or not, we would just be informing them of the consequences of their actions. That way they would not get our money, the car drivers would not be seriously inconvenienced (10 mins rather than an hour) and more stations could be covered.

In 5 years of riding I’ve never been asked to remove my lid. Perhaps you just look dodgy MacP

or the bike hes riding looks like a beaten up bike that theives would you