Off to Helmet City soon to buy a 2008 Shoei XR1000, saw them on Saturday but was on the bike so couldn’t buy it.

Liked the 2009 colour schemes but there was a nice 2008 one and when your saving a 3 figure amount does it matter. Exactly the same helmet so felt it was a no-brainer.

Dead exciting and I need cheering up as work is getting me down at the mo.

Great Lid , I have one and bought another at the NEC , unfortunately in a rush and had to sell it as it was too small !

Hope work picks up for you mate , if it’s any consolation , your not alone !

Cheers mate.

Good to know they’re a good helmet.

Yeah, lot of disatisfied workers out there. Think I need a change.

hey bud it must be bad, not like you to be in the dumps :slight_smile: think positive there are people worse off.

Shoei xr1000 is a great lid,mine’s 2 years old and still nice and snug.

As for work…least said the better:unsure:





Yeah, I’m usually the one cheering everyone else up.

Just think I’m not suited to my job, all too serious and crusty. Going to do something about it.

Off to get the lid now, that will def make me feel better

Are you going to the bike show? They might be a little cheaper there?

Ooops - that will really cheer him up if he rushed off straight away and only reads it when he comes back:D

(But agreed they may will be cheaper and on the last day salesmen will be doing better deals the later it gets)

+1 ooopps. Just been gushing about my fantastic new X-lite lid. I was at Helmet City last weekend looking at the Shoei and it’s okay and they are doing a good price on it but TBH…:slight_smile:

I just bought an Arai RX7 for £299.99 from Infinity during my lunchbreak :smiley:

Need to come up wit a design now to get it resprayed.

I’m still trying to decide between the Shoei Hornet DS or the Arai Tour X3.

Then I have to decide do I go with their designs or buy a white one and get it sprayed.

Decided against the show. They were packing them to take to the show when I got there and they sell the old stock at show prices they told me. Anyway, going to the show on the bike, all being well, so wouldn’t be able to carry it.

Wanted this design too and they might have sold out.

(Not sure if the piccies have worked)

Couldn’t upload the picture so here is a link, I’ve gone for the red one.

Soooooo much nicer than my Caberg.


Good choice… that is the very same lid he nearly sold me :smiley:

Did you get something else instead?

LOL :smiley: Been banging on about it all day in other posts boring everyone senseless…a loverrleyy X-lite X801-RR Marco Luchinelli rep :slight_smile:

Sorry, been so excited about mine that hadn’t read many other posts.

Glad you found something so good :slight_smile:

As if you didn’t know already :wink: this is my new Shoei XR1000 Camino :smiley:



Nice, very like mine.

I’m going to keep the box so it feels new for as long as possible. :slight_smile:

Take it you researched the prices - would really appreciate a PM of where to get the best buys… :D:D:D