Helmet Stickers @ Wyvern971

George, http://www.streetglo.net/streetglo_files/helmet.flame.decal.htm <- Here is where i got the helmet decals from.

It has a range but personaly i liked the ones i got more (obviously :Whistling: )

here is in yellow ($19.95):


it also has flames (bit too US Chopper? ):


and more:

in a variaty of colours

Cheers fella, will look into getting the yellow ones :slight_smile:

mmmmmmmmmm perky purple :smiley:

George - what was the conclusion of your Wednesday night adventure with that bird?

Conclusion was they were going out drinking in Clapham, I gave them (both as it happens :smiley: ) my number, and they said they’d call me.

Not expecting anything, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained :wink:

Dirty boy.