Helmet Speakers

I want to buy a good set of helmet speakers. My friend sugggested this one:

Has anybody got this? Is it good?


i got a pair from infinity motorcycles, for about 14 quid. no complaints.

I just use JVC marshmellow headphones, they mould like earplugs and block out wind noise so you don’t need stereo too loud. I got mine from Peter Jones in sloane square for 14.99.

Do a good job and doesn’t brake the bank when they eventually wear out.

hi yer i am the same but use koss £8 a pair http://www.amazon.co.uk/Koss-Spark-Plug-Ear-Headphones/dp/B00081A2DQ

I had a similar speaker but with only 1 speaker and it was not really that great.

For mp3 it was not good at alland for my satnav with volume turned right up it was good up to about 40mph and then wind noise took over.

But then again, I did have a crappy helmet :stuck_out_tongue:




is it legal to wear earphones and listen to music while you ride?

Yes. (Like in a car). Although I suppose that if you were in an accident and someone could prove that you were listening to music and that it distracted you then maybe you were not driving with due care etc.

Built in iPod dock

Share the sounds

kewl loki where can I get one ? :smiley:

This is the karaoke version with built in mike. Now everyone can hear me crooning Matt Monroe numbers as I filter past.

Just spreading the lurve baby, spreading the lurve.

I cant get on with direct headphones… i dont like loud music around town, and then not being able to hear it on motorway!!

So got super pro avi Autocom at NEC bike show… AMAZING!! Half price and worth every penny even if it wasnt!

Love it!! :cool: Built in mic is a great idea ’ GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU MUPPET!!!’

Just listen to the wind and the sound of the road - it’s what puts biking above driving a car:)

Wonder how deaf people cope?

Personally I use Shure E4C headphones, expensive, but highly effective:

Came with a multitude of different inserts so you can have the most comfortable listening.

Experimented a fair bit earlier this year.

I came to the conclusion that the wind noise from my HJC CS12 helmet was so bad, I was flagellating a dead hippo

I would never use helmet speakers. If you have any sense you’ll be wearing earplugs, and the speakers would have to be very loud to be heard, and then the sound wopuld be sh*te.

Decent music earplugs are so much better. They block out the wind noise, and only need to play music at a much lower level. And the quality is so much better.

I’ve got the e4c’s. They block out just the right amount of wind noise. Great sound too although one has packed up. Others have recommended the Westone M1 or something, which I’ve yet to try.