Helmet Painting

Anyone had a custom paint job done on their helmet, or could recommend somewhere to get it done? My lid is plain white at the moment, and would like to do something ‘interesting’ with it!

Thats weird, I was just looking at this too!!!

I found these: http://www.boyztoyzunlimited.co.uk/

Cheers for the link; looks like those guys do some pretty sweet work.

Gotta watch that . I painted my helmet . It was a disaster it didn’t make it look any bigger and the bird put an embargo on bedroom activitys .

pmsl! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

This has just given me an idea for a design…

Please tell me your not going to put a big penis on your helmet :w00t: :blink:

Your a knob head if you do that .

Well, it’d be a talking point at the traffic lights wouldn’t it?

I think maybe talking , then pointing . Then shouting, then running, then arrested .

A mate of mine does this. He’s done F1 driver’s lids before.


this guy is pretty good


does some mad designs

Thanks for the links fellas. And yes, the possibility of criminal proceedings being brought against me for having a graphic illustration of an ejaculating penis on my lid are enough to encourage me to go with something more… Subtle.

I’m surprised that Smiled has yet to respond with an appropriate image for the subject…

Hahaha - perhaps ‘helmet painting’ was an unfortunate title. Lucky I didn’t choose ‘helmet spraying’ I guess.

Tomasz is really good :slight_smile: And a top bloke too!

how much does it cost to get a custom paint job on a lid?

That will very much depend on what you want done . How many colours ,how complex ,type of paint .

I’m currently in the process of having a lid painted by Andy Stroud at http://hairydesigns.com/
I had one done by him a while ago but it was stolen so this is the replacement.
I will be posting a picture story write up in the new year:cool:

how much is it costing ya? his work looks impressive!! :cool: