Helmet Help

OK guys need some input with regards to purchasing a new lid. I have an Arai at the mo but i’m due a change. Used to have an OGK but for some reason the variety is no longer there even if you can find them. Shoei just don’t fit my head, so what about AGV, Shark?

Anyone got a thoughts…

Hi pj:D AGV are my fave although the stealth is a little chilly at high speeds:w00t: but worth checking out:D

Ive got similar dilema…

Ive got a shark rsr at mo, been happy with it few yrs, looking at getting another one, or possibly an agv or hjc (smiled swears by hjc)

Heard Arais are quite noisey, plus dont like styling of them (not very original either, EVERYONE has one)

wear a neck scarf! :w00t:

No you BERK!!:doze: chilly on yer head like you have the air intakes open!:crazy:

even when they are closed:D

and i always wear a neck tube…but whats a neck tube got to do with a crash helmet:P

Try em all on, only real way to decide. If more than one fits perfectly then check for other things like styling and noise, etc.

was behind a guy today and on his helmet where the arai sticker should’ve been it had ‘arse’ but in the same ARAI style italic.

oh how i chorlted…:crazy:

simple things…!!

yer the arai’s are noisey… Arai was my 1st lid then I got a shoei and man it is so much quiter it is scary

…I thought it’d be a great idea to get a flip top nolan and enjoy the sun on my face during our long summer period…is nice when it happens BUT not surprisingly the only thing i seem to ‘enjoy’ on a regular occasion is the deafening noise from the gap…