Helmet cams

So, I’ve gone for the drift - should arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:

Sena 10U (check model ref) Does everything in one (communications and video) could be better but better than having to have two devices.

Ah, just saw your last comment, Drift is good - look what it did for the Baron

I use the back that allows external mike and power and never had problems or moisture in heavy rain. brains_t
Wait, is this for the Stealth 2 or another drift model? Been looking for a back that allows this but can't find one anywhere - ideas?

I have a Drift Ghost S and love it. It’s done very well for European road-trip and regular dash cam style duties.

I have the Drift HD pre Ghost model.

I know this advice comes too late for Abzero (I hope you are getting on well with the Drift) but for anyone else who might be considering getting a helmet cam, be aware that you can get a Contour Roam 2 for £89.99 with free delivery from Amazon as long as you don’t mind it being blue or green. The black version is £119.

I’ve had the Mark 1 version for the past two years which still works perfectly and gets used every time I’m on the bike (I do about 10k miles a year). Picture quality is great, it’s water resistant and it’s been 100% reliable despite being dropped a few times and being used in some pretty extreme wet weather. Battery lasts about three hours and it works fine with a 32Gb microsd card.

Just looked at the reviews on Amazon regrding this.  I always look at the lowest level reviews first, and they were all consistent with poor battery life and poor customer service.  Guess I’ll be shopping around at the bike shw tomorrow.

I ended up ruling out the Contour Roam 2 after watching one of the reviews; around the poor low light picture and my proposed use case for it. 

Helmet Cam???   i was looking in to this 2 weeks ago, as i was looking to get a cam. So ive ask around and got ideas them went off to the shop Currys/PC World… 1st i got a Gopro look-a-like £40 it was a waste of money so i put it in the bin, 2nd i got a GoPro Hero £98 the Sound was shocking so gave it to my son for his BMX. 3rd a Member told me to get a Drift, So of i went to J&S Stockwell and got a Drift Ghost S  LOVE IT also get a mic you will not look back…