Helmet cams / bike cams

Thinking that I really need such a toy. Video ride, post to YouTube, get arrested, public enemy no. 1, jail yadda yadda (j/k peeps :w00t: ). Any good 'uns, internal battery only (can’t Rsed wiring a lighter socket back in)?

Is that so you can blame me for riding off and filtering 7w, you can not use it in court you know. they had some on display at the nec apparently. so if your going to the excel one they will have them there. let me know if your are and we could meet for coffee. by the way are you going on the santa ride on saturday

lol! “look, there they go again…”

I’m not sure about Saturday yet, was quite keen on doing both Sat and Sun. Much is up to circs arising.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand… urgh! Madam! The ATC2K looks the kind of thing but I wasn’t overly impressed with the pic quality on Y-T.

ATC5K is great. Top quality & has a screen so you can line the cam up correctly first time and of course review your footage on it.

Here’s some from oulton this winter


the actual footage is a million times better as this has been hugely compressed for youtube. 700mb down to 60mb to be precise.


I took great vicarious pleasure in that, Seb. What was your ride? And was that green machine you were chasing a ZX10? Fabulous riding both :smiley:

Yep, if that’s compressed to the size of a constipated turd, that’s pretty good quality.

I was on my R6 and yes that was a zx10…fast on the straights eh. Just some trackday fun…would love to get some footage at race pace in the dry.

Glad you enjoyed it. The quality really is impressive and is easily good enough for large TV viewing. It also has noise cancelling which makes it ok a speed too.

Sounds great!

So how much and where from fella? :smiley:

Looks like around £145 plus a fast SD card from most places. Edit: Done - www.mx1.co.uk £150 with a 4 gig card.

6 vs 10 eh… thought you were on a 6, very impressive because you’re right, that Kwak is rather quick down the straights. Heh, he even pops a wheelie trying to escape you lol :smiley:

If you are looking fora helmet cam, a mate of mine has set up a business selling them, mainly to people who are going away skiing and the likes, but he also does them for bikes and mountain bikes and the likes…

www.jam-cam.tv is his site, I think his prices are comparable to whats been quoted, although if you email him at [email protected] and tell him you know KML off london bikers, he’ll probably sort you out with a decent deal!

He can also get any of the mounts you are interested in too…

wow thats impresive i paid a small fortune for abuilit cam player and wiring and qaulity aint that good , im going to be getting one of these for my trackdays next year , … i wonder if it will make me go as fast as you!!! lol

£140 with 4gb is what I paid. So sounds about right there.

I had a look at those bullet camera’s and they were over £500 with the recording box??? etc. And the quality didn’t look much better to me either. These ones are small, cheap, simple to use and it even survived a crash with a 600cc bike pounding it into the mud :w00t:

Hello guys,

What about the go pro cameras??

You could always check my website out! :D:D:D:D:D


SirYamalot (17/12/2008)

You could always check my website out! :D:D:D:D:Dhttp://www.extreme-me.co.uk/[/quote] I have see it, but i am in Portugal and just buying that cam with out trying it´s a littel insane for me:( to spend that amount of money and !!!I would love to trie one before i buy it…I could not see alot of videos from that cam!!!

My cam arrived shortly after I got home from work today. Had a little play this evening, more for sound quality than video in the gloom of the garage, hey it’s alright y’know :smiley:

Need to mess with the mounting bracket a bit, otherwise it’s looking good.

Loving the rev limiter action at 8:38 :D:D

do you run a damper on the 6? mines a bit twitchy over crests

Thanks Bionic, that was a great video :slight_smile:


Well i am Portuguese só my English is not very good, hope you guys understand;)

I had try this weekend ATC2K on my bike but it did not work:( i had a lot vibration on it, the image totaly sucks…what can i do só it works??

It works!

I bought a ATCK a while ago, i had issues with buying cheap SD cards, it just kept stopping after only a few moments. The quality is like a 1.5mp camera phone, the only redeeming feature is that i was able to secure the clip mount to a crash bung on the side of my bike. I do not use it at all so i will sell it on.I invested in a camera mount but the engine vibration makes digital cameras go all funny and recording impossible. So I kinda given up on the idea :hehe: