Helmet Cameras

I just got an SJ camera (cheaper than go pro) I know it’s hard not to look like an idiot with them on but I was wondering what people thought the best helmet mount position was?

The top of the helmet seems to have the best view i.e. the side of the helmet isn’t in the shot as you get when mounted to the side… but I can’t help but feel the side mount makes you look somewhat less silly.

What are people’s opinions or experience?


As someone who doesn’t really watch these sorts of videos, I think the camera on top gives the best picture. Whatever you do will look silly, though, so I’d not worry about that. Also, be prepared for a bunch of people telling you that Schumacher was done in by his GoPro.

I think the view when watching a clip of a helmet mouted camera makes you feel motion sicknes and spoils the footage, it is much better attached to the bike as it stays still and you can get much more interesting angles when attached to the Bike

attach it to a selfie stick, and hold it out as you ride?

@ Abzero… You joke but I have actually seen this being done, On the A127 on the way home from the Southend Shakedown last year a load of Yobs and Holligans on scooters and other stolen bikes riding like complete W4nkers!!! there was a couple of them actually using selfie sticks as they were doing wheelies up the A127

Marmablade, is it the same group?


Haha cheers for the comments I doubt I’ll use a selfie stick or ever be as cool as the guys in the video. I have mounts for the bike too so might change it up and see what shots I can get.

Wow how cool are those guys… did you see the shirtless guy? crazy…

When it comes to looking like a muppet, I believe this one is less so

than this

This is a still image from the video taken by the same cam positioned same way (more or less) as in the first image:

I have a Sony actioncam mounted to the right side - the visor is barely visible and I find the footage to be accurate enough.
Example: http://i.imgur.com/PlQA5Ev.png .

All i know, from experience it´s that if you put it on top of the helmet you will feel the wind drag over 60 mph, on a naked bike. It can be annoying.