Helmet Camera

Hey all,

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!.. Im looking at getting a helmet camera for Motocross use. Can anyone suggest a good cheap one?, also need a media recorder too. Any help would be great as I havent a clue about cameras and the devices needed :blink:

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ATC series cameras are cheap. For someone still looking for cheap helmet cameras

I’ve got the ATC2K and don’t have problmes with it, some people have had problems with the vibrations causing the camera to cut out or turn off.

if i bought another my money would be going to these guys : http://www.goprocamera.com/

i got a tachyon xc from the states.ive ground it off the holder and run it over and it still works.plus it comes with good mounts.one slips over the google strap so you dont have to stick it to anything…and its waterproof up to 8.5 meters-scuba holidays!!!

check out this helmet cam review:


i bought a cam in this site at it works very good no vibration nothing, check my video on board my brothers bikes


if you need something more just ask