Helmet Cam Help

I have purchased a helmet cam for both biking and skiing. However, I can’t decide how to wear it.

Shall I stick it in a backpack and risk sweating / falling on my back or shall I stick it in a ‘fanny pack’ and have wires trailing up my back ?!?!

Im just so undecided. Does anyone else have one ? How do you wear it ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Charlie :w00t:

Anyone ???

How big is the pack? My ski jacket has an outside pouch on the left upper arm, so maybe get one of those ipod arm holsters to wear over your gear and tape the wires along to the camera.

Stupid photo, you get the idea:

Helmet cam… hmm thats a rude for on here, i think there are some good adult site though!! :D:D:D:D

Best place to wear it is probably on your helmet! :smiley:


haha very good Digger !!!