Helmet blew off today


Windy as Fox, plus a lorry coming in the other direction…and my helmet took off. Picked it up and carried on but that was a new one for me!


Assuming this is not while you were wearing it?


You assume wrong :joy:


Did you forget to do it up?


WTF? :slight_smile:


We need more !





Dont ask htf I managed to post those, fiik


How the hell did the come off you head? I’m guessing you were a silly boy and didn’t do up the straps.


TC did an article a while back that covered strapped up helmets rolling off the head, its more common than you’d have thought. Seems as if the real culprit is the manufacturers setting the pivot point of the strap to low and too far forward.


Even in the wilderness there is no shortage of discarded plastic bags


Is it a little too big? Did it drop from more than a foot or so? If so I would be replacing it.


I’ve sent these photos to IAM HQ to discuss crossing a double yellow line and poor fitment of a helmet not becoming of members…


BL have you watched any episodes of ‘Banged Up Abroad’? The one about Peru was very interesting :grin:


If you ever get the opportunity, read up on the case of Finnis v Cauldfield (2001) where the riders helmet (Finnis) came off despite being a very good fit, securely fastened and brand new.

I was the expert in this case.

There are occasions (which happen more often than people realise and it has happened a lot in racing) where in a collision the head can shring momentarily but sufficiently to allow the helmet to rotate and come off the riders head.

It usually results in a fatality, but in the Finnis case it resulted in a brain injury (which is bad enough).

But the point is, that whilst a helmet coming off is usually down to poor fitment, sometimes even the best fitting can still come off.

It is one of the reasons I have been campaigning for many years for dealers who sell helmets to be licenced as many still don’t know how a helmet should fit or they will sell the wrong helmet to avoid losing a sale, and it will/should also prevent the sale of helmets online.


I read somewhere that 70% of motorcyclists and pillions are wearing incorrectly fitting helmets!


It has to be low and forward as most bikers have double chins :grin:


70%? More like 85 - 90%.