Hells Angels at St Pauls

There appears to be a Hells Angels meeting outside my building opposite St Pauls

They are Clergy there as well so maybe its a Hells Angels wedding or their Christian Chapter.

Very odd

I am going out to say hello

Turns out they are mainly US firefighters that are on a European tour and they are holding a small memorial service next the the momument for firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Started at the Ace this morning and are driving back into Europe to continue their tour

Nice bunch

Ah, very nobel. Don’t suppose you got any snaps did you?

There are some from a chapter in Essex if you want pictures.

I know in NZ them and the Black Power have a running batle for the control of the drugs in the North Island. Don’t know what they are like here but if they are like the ones in NZ then maybe not the sort of people you want to drink, ride, etc with. But all places are different