helloooooooo from Spain!

That such I am a Spanish pilot, and I am been charmed with of knowing yourself. A greeting. To excuse my English is very bad

Hello! Welcome to LB! Where abouts in Spain are you from?

Welcome to LB, home of shatting bikers.

welcome to the site

Your post made me giggle! Don’t worry about your English, I’m sure we’ll work out what you’re trying to say…

Welcome to LB!

welcome to LB! hope to see ya at the cubana some time!

Delighted to know you. I am of Salamanca. We will see us in the Cuban sure

Hola chico

Salamanca to cubana, now that would be some ride, 2000 miles or so.

Mi madre vivir en espana, muy cerca almaria.


Bien venido amigo! Esta es una casa muy loca mas muy amiga tambien. Enjoy LB mate

hello and welcome to LB…


Cezar keeps us in practice !

Hello and welcome amigo

Hello and Welcome to the forum.

Hey, hello and welcome to LB…

welcome to LB from sunny spain

Welcome to LB