Virtual beers to one and all, being a friday an all.

Haven’t lurked yet but might plan to.

No pics of the bike yet as far too dirty and with the joy of road salt to come, it might not be until next year when it is next cleaned!

So for now… until I know you all better!


Get lurking

Hi and welcome to LBs,

Hey Trusty, welcome to LB! What do you ride?

Clearly a “dirt” bike!

Welcome, Trusty, have fun.

Welcome to the site Trusty!

Hello Trusty, Get lurking


Not a dirt bike but a dirty, very dirty in fact damn right rude triumph daytona.

It will look smashing by the time spring comes.

Have another drink.

(sponsored by alcoholics anonymous)

Heres a nice November welcome to LB Trusty

Hope you enjoy the site poke poke n SMACK with da newbie stick

Da Artist

welcome to the site

i bet it aint as dirty as mine welcome to lb fellow biker

welcome newbee