Hellofrom an innocent and gullible newbie..

Just to sy 'ello.

I’m Al, from Reading, and ride a Thundercat which is undisputably the best bike ever.

Of course, some may disagree…

hello al, welcome. are you near woodley?. i’m there on and off. family friends.

meet up sometime maybe.

enjoy your stay.

Welcome mate, even though your happily deluded about the thundercat!!

Still, at least its a Yamaha!!

Hey there fella, welcome to the site! Post up a picture of your bike in the photos forum, there’s a post at the top of the page for it!

Howdy. Pull up a seat and join in the best forum EVER.

We especially welcome deluded riders who think their bike is the best EVER.

So that’s all of us then

Welcome to the forum. Hopefully see you out and about sometime.

Hello and welcome. Welcome aboard.

Hi Reynard, another diluded Thundercat-er makes it to londonbikers Thats 4 of us now, but Ken’s seen the light and went Suzuki

Welcome to the site

I will tell anyone I see that Honda CBF’s are poo…

dam, I got one of those.

Well, at least I’m not deluded…

Welcome I nearly got a Thundercat but ended up with a CBR600FS2 because… well there better hehehe

welcome Mate even if you think Thundercat is the best your’ll fit in here well course we are all slighty mad here haha

Hello and welcome to LB Reynardfox…Hopefully see you out there sometime…