testing testing…1…2…3


cant hear you! don’t think your working:P

damn…think my batteries run out :smiley:

Sorry don’t understand the accent! :smiley:

Where have you been dude?

lol noffink wrong wiff ma accent blood! ive been antisocialing at home n work lol. Been studying and trainning for the last 6/7 months for work. three more weeks n I pass out. Thought Id come see if my log in still worked :smiley:

Perhaps better monitoring of your blood sugar might be an idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: so hows things?

Not bad at the moment, new place in the next couple of days, cat relocated to my parents. Currently in sunny and hot Derby.

And job hunting as well.

hmm go away for a short while n things do change lol…Derby? at least its hot n sunny…miserable grey hampshire blah

Only for the weekend to make sure my cat is settled at my parents place, and then back down to Watford.

best you go introduce yourself in the NEWBIE section :D:D:D:P:P

newbie section? lol gawd mabe I should

Blimey theres a name we have’nt seen on the board for a while…wehey trashy glad to hear your well:D;)

Hey rat, u ok? Might even pop up to one of the meets soon

So you should you’ve been awol far to long :smiley:

Welcome back :smiley:

Awe, I feel special. Wait I am special cause my mum thinks I am

But you are special…we all are we ride motybikes:D:P

True lol