Hi, I’m a newbie with a new full motorcycle license and a BMW 650 GS - looking forward to joining the gang and I’ll be at Borough Market this Wednesday evening!

Cheers, Steve

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi Steve, see you tonight

welcome to LB.
please keep all extremities inside the splash zone at all times, complimentary meals are not a part of this flight though you may, in future be eligible for tea and cake. (LB looooooves its cake)
be sure to keep an eye out for all our attractions such as;ride outsrantsclassified adsselling your junk (one mans junk ect…)a general passing of experience to those with lessand of course, company of like minded folk with 2 wheels and adventurous spirit.keep an eye on jetstream though… :cool:

Welcome Steve

How much for the GS … any more details