Hello guys,

Just wanted to say hello.
I am sometimes at Ryka’s cafe next to box hill ,so if you see red vfr800 and a guy in jeans, leather jacket, and white arai helmet do not hesitate to say hi ;]


Hi and welcome!


welcome to LB

Welcome to LB…I guess you are S.London based?

IMORTAL_Indian, yes, lovely South Croydon at the moment :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB dude

I am from Carshalton… :smiley:

Get yourself to Borough Market tonight… you will get to meet the rowdy bunch !!! :hehe:


Thx Imortal, today I have plans already, next time maybe, are you doing it every week or sth? ;]

And guys, thanks for nice welcome :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome :smiley:

Welcome to LB!!!