I come in peace, and 2 wheels :3


Welcome. Describe your wheels for us? :slight_smile:

Welcome Danial, LB is an inclusive group so there is room for you too.:slight_smile:

haven’t got any wheels yet actually :frowning: tryin to get one as soon as possible but just missed one few hours ago :’(

Hello and welcome to the forum. good luck bike hunting, hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

And what are you looking for?
Where are you from?

Welcome to Lb

Welcome to LB :smiley:

i’m trying to look for cg 125 for my first bike, found one just now year 2007 for 800 quid, was planning to buy it tomorrow but as soon as i got home i got a text saying the bike was sold to someone else :frowning: i live in bayswater :smiley:

Keep on looking mate, there is sure to be something around…

It’s the best time tobuy a bike right now.

hi Dan & welcome :slight_smile:

welcome :slight_smile:



Welcome and hope you find your CG soon. :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome :smiley:

Hello & welcome to LB