hello everybody, my name is tom and i have a problem…I am a bike addict!

Ive joined up once more having been a a member a few years ago, im back in town-ish now.

I dabble in a bit of racing, i already know PJ and Pouty - is that how you spell it? sorry dude!

theres a few minitwin riders on here anyway, im 22 with the slayer sticker on the seat unit. gday!

To everybody - Hi, i might stop by sometime soon at a meet or what have you.


Bonjour. If i were you, distance yourself from PJ on both track and socailly.

Hes a right ****

oh welcome BTW.

Pics of bike are needed asap or you will explode

alright tom? welcome mate. :slight_smile:

Welcome bud

morning Tom :slight_smile:

Hello everybody! I totally agree about the PJ chap haha! :smiley:

im about to get myself back on the road again soon - ready for the winter - doh!!

Aaa go on then! here iss a cheeky little snap from castle combe!

Hey Tom, good to see you on here.

Take no notice of Lewis, he talks a good ride but no one has actually seen evidence of it yet lol
I think once your up and about on the road we should organise i nice little run out to goodwood for a few of us.

Hello matey! that sounds like a plan to me, looking like i might be on an Xj6 hehe!