back to biking after 8 years away (you can’t really count a year on a scooter).

mostly to be seen commuting on a black 09 hornet round the south circular to wandsworth.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB…I’m luckily done commuting, used to ride 14 miles each way to get to and from work in fulham… no more, I’m now 2 miles away from my current place of work :slight_smile:

enjoy the forum and hope to see you out and about :smiley:


Hi & welcome to LB:)

Is that The Prawn of MCN & ND fame ? :slight_smile:

hello sweetie. :slight_smile:

hi, welcome, safe :wink:

Blimey, did you get you biking mojo reattached after that bloke bit it off in them public toilets that time?

fell back into it through work, required for transport. lost mojo after mate i was pit crewing* for died at donny and i put that firestorm in my profile pic in a ditch thanks to some gravel on a roundabout.

i’m generally found on the south circular, i can spit on barnes from here. :wink:

*i say pit crewing i was more a pom pom girl and tyre warmer remover.

Well jolly good to see ya back :slight_smile:

Eltham, huh…I’m gonna have to move now you’re in the neighbourhood (ish)

cheers mate, where are you then?

Hi everyone
I have been trying to to figure out how best to do this
I have created a team on JustGiving called “Team London Bikers” and created my own page “AnitaTeamLB”
I did it this way because if I create one team it will always show as my own fundraising which isnt very fair to everyone in the team.
Please can you all set up a page perhaps with your “nameTeamLB” as the title and then let me know so we can link them before we start fundraising
Use this link to create the page. The total to raise for the team has been put down as a team effort so that if anyone is struggling to raise their £300 we can “share”
Also it should mean that LB donations can be to the team page if you dont want to sponsor anyone in particular…

Doh…was looking for the prawns name when I was trying to create the just giving page and posted this in the wrong place. Was still half asleep!

i thought it was because you knew i’d already done it wrong and setup my own page.

£40 so far. i shall be strong arming people nearer the time.

anyone got an amazing life saving story with the LAA? it’s useful to tug at the heart strings.